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Social Media Trends 2013

Social Media Revolution

Social media is certainly in a frenzy state as we move into 2013.
It is important for business and it is important for search rankings as well. Dealing with a myriad of social networking sites with different audiences profiles, business pages, pinning, and of course the big one tweeting, is quite a challenge.
In my opinion not every business model will suit all of them. Here is one list and description of ten of the top social media sites for business.  Here is a another opinion

It is becoming increasingly clear from various reputable sources that Linkedin is very important and often under utilised as a powerful tool. Linkedin tips for you to explore.

Google plus is also very important and a requires a review on its own.

Pinterest is creative and interesting and fits most businesses as it is such a creative platform.
Eight Boards ideas for your business.

If you’re still not convinced that you need a well planned and systematic social networking plan of action these are the numbers on how many people are using social media.

I would highly recommend taking a look at Hootsuite to manage your social networking campaign and plan of action. There is even a free version now, so no excuses time to get started.

[responsive_youtube QUCfFcchw1w]

[responsive_youtube ygoqGfLBqFs]

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