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Wordpress Plugins

Unlimited extra functionality for your wordpress website

Premium Plugins

Wordpress plugins are small customised programs that can extend it to do just about anything you can imagine. There are thousands of plugins and they are made by all sorts of people. On the one hand it has made web development with wordpress exciting and very flexible but on the other hand it has made it vulnerable, as plugins can sometimes have bugs in them that clash with other plugins or versions of wordpress hence causing you headaches.

It is tempting to go mad with plugins, however it is wise to be prudent and only select what is necessary. A well designed theme wont need a lot of extra plugins which avoids problems when your version of wordpress needs updating. New versions are being released frequently and it is recommended that you backup your entire website and disable all plugins before updating wordpress, then switch them back on one at a time to make sure they are all still working alright with the new version.

Questions to ask yourself before installing wordpress plugins

Star Rating

Has it got a high star rating on wordpress.org


Is the plugin up to date or how recent is the version?


Is the plugin compatible with your version of wordpress


Is there a plugin homepage and support forum with recent answers to any issues

User Reviews

Have you researched reviews on the plugin to get a general feel for how it has performed for other users.

There are over twenty five thousand wordpress plugins so selecting the right one for the job is often a painstaking process. You might be looking for an SEO plugin to help you optimise your pages or a photo gallery plugin to exhibit photographs on your website. Just as their are premium wordpress themes that you can buy, the same applies to plugins. Some of the free plugins have a pro version that you pay for to get additional features. There are some excellent paid premium plugins available here Code Canyon

Recommended Free Wordpress Plugins


This is a great shopping cart plugin that will do the job for a small business with a small to medium product range.  There are many premium add-ons for this plugin to give your shop state of the art functionality.

Wordpress SEO

Wordpress SEO by Yoast is an excellent plugin to optimise your site for the search engines. It will also generate sitemaps for you. A premium paid version is also available for extra services. WP SEO by Yoast

Auto Optimise

This plugin will help to speed up your site by minimising html, javascript and css.  It works well with a caching plugin like WP Super Cache. Autoptimize Wordpress Plugin


If Wordpress software or installed plugins are not updated to the latest version on a regular basis, then it can be compromised.  This plugin will scan your server files for malicious code and remove it.  Anti-Malware Plugin

IThemes Security Plugin

This plugin was formerly known as WP Better Security. It will help protect your website and give you more than thirty ways to secure and protect your wordpress site. IThemes Security Plugin

Contact Form 7

This is an extremely reliable contact form plugin and now links to google for capture protection. Contact Form 7 Plugin


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