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sitemap for www.wordpressit.com.au.


It has latest blog posts and blog categories as well as page heirarchy details for the site.
An html sitemap is a great way for people to navigate your site if they lose their bearings in the searching process. It is also important to upload an xml sitemap to the server to enable the search engines to find and spider all your web pages. This can be done using webmaster tools for Google manually using an ftp server or with a wordpress plugin like WP-Better Security Plugin. This SEO plugin is great because it also offers great security for your wordpress installation and protects against brute force attacks.
An html or xml sitemap can be generated using a free sitemap generator at this website.  It is a simple process and this can then be uploaded to google webmaster tools and activated with a piece of code. Wordpressit is a mobile website consultancy and wordpress development tools and resources website. It has links to premium and free themes and plugins as well as information on choosing a host and whether to host in Australia or overseas.

It is the policy and procedure of  www.wordpressit.com.au to provide both an html and xml sitemap for every website that it creates as part of the brief and to set up a webmaster tools account so that people can track what their website is doing in the rankings and what keywords it is being found for.


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