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Lennox Head Northern Rivers NSW

Northern Rivers Business Getting Digital Ready

The Northern Rivers or north coast of New South Wales up to the Queensland border is a beautiful region that continues to grow rapidly with the completion of the highway upgrades through to Queensland.

All kinds of businesses including conservation, health, hospitality, service, tourism and entertainment are springing up to be enjoyed by overseas travellers, Australian holiday makers and locals alike. Keeping up to date with advances in technology can give them an advantage over their competitors. At the moment it may be something as simple as making sure they have a good site for mobile phone search and a social media strategy, however humble. This is the trend for networking and finding a product or service. People are more likely to buy or use something that has been recommended to them by a friend rather than trust an advertisement.

The whole playing field has been turned upside down in this social networking frenzy and businesses can benefit from developing a strategy for their business. If your business relies on search engine traffic then you will know that the google algorithmns have changed significantly in recent years and the strategy for getting found on page one of a search for your favourite high traffic keywords is not be the same as it once was. Some of the new parameters include social media and responsive fast site design.

Keeping regional businesses in the consumer eye and at their customers fingertips is an exciting challenge.  It is something all business owners would do well to keep on top of in the next few years as search moves over to mobile and tablet devices and the local search market expands rapidly.

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